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Yatori Week Day 3: April 2 
Promise or Apology

"I am different than you. I will keep my promises!
...Because I absolutely will not forget you." (x)
Everyone is alone. Everyone is empty. People no longer have need for others. You can always find a spare for any replacement. I had gotten bored of a world like that.




Nothing else matters


in this time, luhan doesn't know sehun.

in this time, luhan hates sehun.

in this time, luhan is dead.

The butterfly effect, in which the world is interconnected by strings of seemingly irrelevant events, lies on the delicate balance of decisions and indecisions… And like a tangled mess of strings, the more you try to fix it, the more unfixable it becomes.

My heart hurts."
- (via laxiu) -
"Why did I have to fall in love with that girl?”
Yamaken x Shizuku. | Requested by jeankirschteinss.

Matsuoka Siblings + Expressions


Full version here

I really liked how fluffy the clouds turned out so I wanted to just have that (∩❛ڡ❛∩). Sorry, tumblr is quite horrible for showing horizontal pictures so I’m going to try this thing :P.


Akdong Musician